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Tooplex / Feb 26, 2013
As you may have noticed I have made an event on the calendar for our first Kinship RP event. It shall begin at 8pm GMT (You can compare your timezone via this website, If that time is inconvient for you feel free to make a post on the forum for future events.

We will begin in Celondim and of course it shall be on the Laurelin Server.

Looking forward to it all :)
Tooplex / Feb 12, 2013
Hey all, First proper news post here!

The Kin has just hit Level 3 so now everyone has titles (Not even sure if people still use them but whatever) We have also been getting an influx of members lately so thats amazing Mainly welcome "Cenethael" "Mardita" "Meridious" and "Willowbreeze"

If you wish to become a recruiter give me a shout and we will get you set up, If not thats cool, We like you all to do whatever you want to do.