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About Us

Alliance of Elvellyn began as a friendship between two people, A Man and an Elf. The man had seen the struggles of the elvish people and the Elf had already felt the struggle being from Mirkwood.

The two of them, Dagarorn and Telarean, met and decided to create an Alliance between Men and Elves to help defend the Elven realms from the darkness troubling these lands.

The Alliance of Elvellyn is a Kin who feel that all the members are equal, all members shall have a voice, the leaders do not make the choices, the Kin as a whole make the decisions.

Their sole purpose is to help defend any Elven lands that are under struggle and need to be defended, we are warriors, scholars, healers, musicians that patrol the elven realms across Middle-earth and help out in any way they can.